Frequently Asked Questions

  • How will I be judged?

    We have non-comparative numerical judging. The judge will score you 1-15 at the end of your presentation. In other systems they won't score you then. Instead they'll bring you back on stage as part of a group and at that point they will then score everyone, comparing you against everyone on the stage, especially those standing next to you.

    In our system you get an actual score:
    *Panel interview 1/3
    Fitness in Swimwear 1/3
    Gown 1/3
    *From there the finalists will be selected and all scores set to zero.

    In finals:
    On stage Question 1/3
    Fitness in Swimwear 1/3
    Gown 1/3

    *Because it is an international pageant, interviews will be conducted in front of a panel of judges to accommodate language translators.

    *If there is no preliminary, then the scoring will be 30% Interview, 30% Fitness in Swimwear, 30% Gown, 10% Onstage Question

  • Do I need an organization's platform to compete?

    Champion your own platform, not an organization's.

    If you choose to stand for something, we believe it should be your choice. We want women who are empowered and impassioned by their own cause.

  • Is there an age limit?

    We're looking for the complete package, and therefore we set no age limit for participants.

  • What is the competition for?

    Every state competitor has 2 opportunities to win a crown, the Mrs. U.S. Premier World crown or the Mrs. Premier World crown. Any delegate representing a country outside of the U.S. has the opportunity to win the highest overall title of Mrs. Premier World.

  • Who runs the competition?

    Kristen Rossow is the executive director. She has been a regional director previously and has had state pageants which were televised twice. Currently, we're looking for sponsors for national and international telecasts.

  • How much does entering cost?

    These are the current costs:

    $25 application fee

    $995 state fee*

    $500 ad page fee

    *includes state crown, state rhinestone sash, hotel stay and two meals per day at nationals